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Vision: Gender equality in the global tourism industry

Purpose: To drive change in the development and practice of global tourism by empowering women through the involvement of local communities and by engaging stakeholders at every level.

Supporting the efforts of Equality in Tourism

Equality in Tourism is an independent, nonprofit women’s organization based in the UK dedicated to ensuring women have an equal voice in and share of the benefits from tourism globally. H K Allison Projects for Sustainability has provided seed funding for the development and growth of a sustainable food project in Tanzania.

Recognizing in tourism a forum for first contact between cultures, Equality in Tourism aims to support structural change in this industry, securing women’s equal participation in its creative leadership and economic benefits, beginning in Tanzania. They are committed to ensuring that tourism listens to women, considers their needs, involving and embracing them, while honoring their care for resources and the environment.

This project has been designed to create linkages between women farmers living in the north of Tanzania with the accommodation sector where the highly successful tourism industry operates. This will enable women farmers locally to financially benefit from their proximity to the tourism circuit. The initiative will provide women farmers with training to grow and produce the fruit, vegetables and eggs required by hotels. The hotels will benefit from supporting women in agriculture producing locally grown food while supporting their corporate social responsibility requirements.