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Napoleon Monroe

Industry Consultant

About Napoleon Monroe

Napoleon Monroe's diversified background extends from developing and producing emergency pharmaceutical delivery systems to managing private brands for a Fortune 500 company, to building and managing the IP portfolio for a company that is now part of Pfizer.

His expertise includes product development, licensing, regulatory processes as business opportunities, risk management and international marketing, with experience managing business relationships in more than 30 countries. Many of these efforts involved “change management”.

As vice president of corporate brand development for global healthcare distribution and service company Henry Schein, Inc., Mr. Monroe was responsible for all aspects of the company's private brands. He grew annual sales by more than 500 percent to more than $500 million. While there, he also began filing medication telemanagement patents.

Before Henry Schein, Mr. Monroe spent more than 20 years at Survival Technology (now a part of Pfizer), where, as a corporate vice president, he was responsible for product development and systems strategy.

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