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Steve French, NMI

Managing Partner and Co-Owner at NMI


Steven French is Managing Partner and Co-Owner at NMI (Natural Marketing Institute), a leading strategic marketing consultancy specializing in health, wellness and sustainability. For the past 20 years at NMI, Mr. French works with many global Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, start-up companies, associations, and various organizations across a wide range of industries to identify, validate and monitor marketplace opportunities. He has pioneered a range of NMI consumer research databases including the LOHAS Consumer Trends Database® - a quantitative sustainability consumer research tracking study conducted annually since 2002, including over 20 countries. This proprietary NMI tool analyzes consumer trends, attitudes, behaviors, product usage patterns, psychographics, and demographics within the sustainability marketplace. He also focuses his efforts on trend identification and innovation within health and sustainability.

Mr. French works internationally across a range of industries related to sustainability. He has published over 100 research reports, articles, and a is contributor to worldwide media, including Fox TV, NBC News, Time Magazine, The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Forbes, and many others. As a recognized industry expert, Mr. French’s expertise is also utilized on a regular basis by many trade publications and over 30 business journals, among others. Steve is a regular speaker and keynote at many international industry events and conferences.

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